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Official regional guide, a Sorbonne graduate in history with honors, teacher of history, working at Carcassonne and its area : Languedoc-Roussillon.

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Guided tours of the city of Carcassonne, the Cathar country and the Languedoc-Roussillon

Visit Carcassonne

Some history

In 1997, Carcassonne belonged to Unesco world heritage, and I’ll take you on a guided tour of this military architectural jewel, discovering together these narrow streets where so much history took place.

Carcassonne was built under roman times, fortified in the middle ages. We'll hear about the crusade against the Cathars, the story of the Cité until our times including the architectural work of Viollet le Duc in the restoration of the Cité in the nineteenth century.

The tour

We’ll discover the Cité going from the Narbonne gates, then a stroll in “les lices” the space between the two walls, the outside of the castle ending by the cathedral St Nazaire and St Celse with its beautiful glass windows.

 Porte Narbonnaise - Regional guide - Cité of Carcassonne & Languedoc-Roussillon
 photo St Sernin Toulouse  - Regional guide - City of Carcassonne & Languedoc-Roussillon

  • Visit : 1h30
  • Fee : 110 Euros all inclusive

- Departure Narbonne gates
- Stroll in the lices up to Rodez gate or Aude
- Visit of the cathedral
- Outside of the castle

  • Visit :
    (A tour more elaborated like streets names, expressions coming from the middle age…)
  • Fee 2h : 200 Euros all inclusive
  • Fee 2h30 : 150 Euros all inclusive
  • Fee 3h : 180 Euros all inclusive
  • it is possible to have a guided tour with your guide wearing a "historic outfit" dressed up in a lady from the XIV° century :
    + 50 Euros TTC
  • Full day from Carcassonne to Carcassonne :
    250 Euros TTC + the meal
  • Full day from Carcassonne with no return, for example Carcassonne in the morning, Toulouse in the afternoon (St-Sernin church, Capitol, Jacobins, Garonne’s river banks):
    250 Euros TTC + the meal + return fee


Tours for no more than 40 people, and for individual price to be negociated

To the 2 visits of la Cité, we can include the comtal castle and its ramparts, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes. Please note : entrance to the comtal castle will be an additional cost. Be aware this visit is difficult for people with mobility problems, as there are a lot of steps and a lot of walking during the tours.

Visits of La Bastide

 Canal du midi - Regional guide - Cité of Carcassonne & Languedoc-Roussillon

These guided tours could be completed by another tour : the low town : La Bastide St Louis

In 1247, a royal edict of Louis IXth, known as St Louis, created the low town or the Bastide St Louis, to-day boundaries are the boulevards established on the old ditches of the walled town fortified.

We could go and discover the remains of these old ruins, walking around, to find out about the famous houses, the religious buildings, etc… Ambling along the Canal du Midi, another jewel of Carcassonne belonging to Unesco world heritage sites.

Carcassonne is a double town where numerous walks are on offer for the visitors willing to discover the history, the buildings, the famous people who lived in Carcassonne… It’s with pleasure that I invite the tourists to see, to admire, to discover this town full of history.

From the Bastide starting from the Old Bridge going up Trivalle street and ending up to the Narbonnaise gates to visit the Cité. Such a tour will take you a full morning.

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